Divorce and Remarriage in the Bible

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There is much disagreement within Christianity about the circumstances under which divorce and remarriage is permitted. Most organizations permit divorce and remarriage in the case of adultery. However, noted theologan John Piper teaches that remarriage after divorce is not permitted under any circumstances. Nearly every doctrine on divorce and remarriage punish at least some of those who find themselved divorced against their will by denying them remarriage.

In this article, Dennis Hevener presents an intrepreataion of scripture that upholds the sacredness and permanence of marriage, yet is consistent with the concept of a loving God -- a God who is forgiving and who allows second chances.

His article relies heavily on the writings of David Instone-Brewer. However, contrary opinoins are discussed, and the references at the end of the article link to numerous web sites that are on opposite sides of the issue.

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